• Facility Decontamination & Closure

Facility Decontamination & Closure

Each project site presents its own challenges from Permitting to the decontamination process, itself.  Decontamination is a broad term and means many things to many people. In our industry it generally means to remove a potentially hazardous substance(s) from a particular area.  Often times the contaminants we encounter are Heavy Metals, Corrosives, Nano particles, PCB’s, Mercury, and hydrocarbons on high end equipment/Tools and Surface areas.

These services have been performed in and for the following industries:

  • Plating & Anodizing Shop
  • Printed Circuit Boards Manufacturers
  • Solar
  • Nano & Semiconductor
  • Bio-Medical
  • Bio-Technology
  • R & D Labs
  • Public Utilities
  • Municipalities
  • Food and Beverage
  • Co-Generation facilities and Schools

Many times Environmental Facility closures involve decontamination on a larger scale and may involve:

  • Acid Waste Neutralization System closure
  • Duct & exhaust system removal
  • Gas & chemical line removal
  • Scrubber media removal
  • Trench cleaning
  • Core, wipe or soil sampling